»Yogas citta-vrtti-nirodah.«

»Yogas citta-vrtti-nirodah.«  – Yoga Sutras I/2

Indijski modrec Patanjali v sanskrtskem besedilu “Jogijske sutre” opredeljuje jogo kot umiritev miselnih vrtincev – “vrttis”.

Patanjalijev nasvet, kako doseči to stanje, pa z enostavnimi besedami opiše B.K.S. Iyengar v svoji knjigi “Light on life”, pg.94:

“If you are happy, pleasant and unselfish in  your behavior towards others, obstacels will shrink. If you are miserly with your emotions and judgmental in your mind, obstacles will grow.”

In order to achive a serene consciousness, we have to be willing to change our behavioral and approach toward the external world.


Healthy and healing qualities of consciousness cultivate the mind and smooth the yogic path. They are:

  1. Maitri – cultivation of friendliness toward those who are happy
  2. Karuna – cultivation of compassion toward those who are in sorrow
  3. Mudita – cultivation of joy toward those who are virtuous
  4. Upeka – cultivation of neutrality toward those who are full of vices